Oplot version 0.5 is RELEASED!!!!

By Ole Jacob Hagen 05/15-2008

Oplot version 0.5 is released

Oplot 0.5 supports line, surface, hardcopy, image, patch, bar plots, contour-plot.

Oplot 0.5 also have 3D navigation and a gui based property editor will also be included in this release.

Oplot version 0.1 is released

By Ole Jacob Hagen 07/26-2005

Oplot version 0.1 is released

The long waiting 0.1 version of Oplot have been released to the public.

Oplot 0.1 supports following commands:


Web-pages are up

By Ole Jacob Hagen 05/04-2004

Accont created and web-pages are uploaded

These webpages are located at SourceForge.net, a hosting/solution provider for Open Source projects. Standards used while developing these pages are CSS and XHTML 1.1, so the pages should be viewable in most modern browsers. All code has been written in GNU XEmacs